About Me

Nice to meet you! My name is Bobbie, and this blog will chronicle my adventures as I travel and live abroad, explore my interest in and appreciation of various cultures, and apply and expand my more than a decade of experience in education and humanitarian work.  All of this within the setting of newly-wed life in foreign service and a new post every two to four years!  Want to know more?  Drop by from time to time.  🙂

My hope is that this blog will:

  1. allow family and friends to travel along with me as I chase my dreams
  2. convey the individual or collective stories of the people and places I interact with so as to pay my respect to their history, humanity, and hospitality
  3. remind my former high school students that I live my mantra of “Culture, Communication, and Collaboration” in the hopes that they will remember how important each of those components is in achieving their global citizenship and professional success
  4. serve as an artifact for my son to read and understand more about me when he is old enough
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