Holy Dry-Season-December, Batman!

This is what December in Liberia looks like. 🙂

Happy December!  As I have been pressed for time because of research papers and projects, I’ve filmed another vlog for this week.  (My face in the preview looks more serious than the vlog actually is! LOL

Our first Christmas tree. ❤

The Liberian dry season technically started on October 15th, but it doesn’t officially start until the fruit bats return to Monrovia.  They arrived this week!


A rare roller-skate sighting!



It’s all too common to see individuals on crutches or in wheelchairs who were crippled during the wars.


The view from The Capital Room in Monrovia.  Gorgeous!




After a Month Away, A Little Bit of Everything

_DSC7212 (1)
My first official presentation at the US Embassy in Liberia: Orientation for our cross-border video conferences with Collins Hill High School in Suwanee, GA, USA.
My first Marine Corps Ball.  Happy 242 birthday to the USMC!

My first vlog:

Video of our drive to Tropicana Beach:

Some more sites around town:

Who do you think is the audience for this billboard?
“Liberian traffic cone” 🙂


Boundaries and Borders

Boundaries.  They are important in any relationship, any partnership, any interaction.  We’ve been reading a lot about them in the news lately: boundaries crossed, boundaries not respected, boundaries ignored.  This can happen with words, gestures, actions, or even intentions; and once crossed, the damage is done.  

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Big Decisions and Small Gifts

I’ve only just arrived in Liberia, and I already have to think about leaving.

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A Week in Pictures

After a week of not feeling well, I’m trying something a little different for today’s blog post.  Little glimpses into my life…

The book I’m currently reading is Ahdaf Soueif’s The Map of Love.  This quote at the start of chapter 5 reminded me of a Pablo Neruda poem (Sonnet XVII) that is special to me. ❤

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Propelled by Dreams & Rolling with Reality


Last week I had the privilege of touring two high schools in Monrovia and the opportunity to speak to the upper-grades students about their interest in STEM education.  I collected at least two hundred survey responses from various groups of 10th, 11th, and 12th graders who wrote comments about their dreams to be doctors, engineers, IT specialists, and accountants.  Eyes wide and heads nodding throughout the audience as I spoke, the students listened intently as I told them about my mission to nurture their career interests through hands-on learning.

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The Good Fight

My husband and I had our first fight this past week.  

No, it wasn’t based on the merging of “stuff” like Carrie and Aiden’s fight in the clip above from Season 4 of SATC, but it was related to the merging of our lives.  

Like many fights that happen in marriage, it was caused by one partner needing more of something from the other partner to feed a particular love language.  As newlyweds, we are still trying to find our rhythm with each other and trying to learn each other’s ways.  And since we are similar in so many ways, being with each other has been pretty easy for the most part.  Yes, we have our individual “off” times when nothing in the world seems to help our mood; but after the past year of navigating a handful of life’s biggest challenges and biggest moments together relatively smoothly and successfully, we were wondering when that first fight would finally happen.  To be honest, I feared it.

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